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Fluisteraars (NL) – Gelderland
After their acclaimed 2nd album “luwte”, the dutch three-piece takes a step back to their early days; less sprawling songwriting constructed into shorter tracks, furious and dense in sound. Keeping the skin-biting epicness they are known for, Fluisteraars manage to provide equally expressive black metal tunes. 2 exclusive tracks pressed on black wax with 45rpm, their music never sounded better!

Doomentor (DE) – Dominus Omnes
First album of German Blackened occult doom on MC

Official Update:

“Lvminis Serpens Caeremonia” MC

This work is inspired in the discovery of the inner self. A path about the consequence and the conviction of our ideals. Dedicated to the occult brotherhood, hermetic and practitioner of ancient doctrines. Lvciferism in
search of magickal purification.

200 Copies with hand numbered

7 USD Excluding postage
250 Baht for Thailand
Trade are welcome, Ask for wholesale price